Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Art Lies

Art Lies the contemporary art journal is no more. They are closing up shop and this is a real hard hit to the art criticism world and to Texas in particular. The journal was extremely heady and I would often times pick one up from galleries around town. I even subscribed now and then to the publication. I even bought a few at book stores. Each time I read in depth articles on some of the best art in Texas. However, I had to disagree with the value of some of the art covered. I would read an article and see the pictures and then I would exclaim to myself, 'I guess you had to be there to appreciate the work.' I still remain skeptical of some of the critics coverage. None the less, you don't have to agree with everything to still appreciate the coverage and the level of intelligent writing coming out of such a powerful source for good in the art world. The journal will be greatly missed.


Anonymous said...

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Brad Ford Smith said...

Very sad to hear that Art Lies has closed up shop, although not to surprised. The transition from a free publication that you could find everywhere to a pay per issue resulted in never seeing it around ever. They had some good writes. I wish them all well.