Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Annabel Daou

Annabel Daou work at Conduit is nothing less that epic. Daou takes sound bits, quotes, poems, and slogans from America's pop culture and then she hand writes them all over a large 7 foot by 13 foot composition. The words flow in and out of space to create an image that resembles a kind of imaged landscape. Daou is imaging America in much the way Kafka approached in his novel. Both take what they know, but then they begin to build their own narratives out of the pieces they find. Although Daou is both Lebanese and US, she really rearranges things like an outsider looking in to the words that have shaped the identity of the nation. I found the work very engaging up close, and when I stepped back the work began to take shape with a kind of sky and ground with paths of text flowing down hills of other words. It also helped a great deal that the work was hanging away from the wall so you could walk around the piece. Some how this made the work stand out even more. She represented the United States in the 2010 Cairo Biennial and will represent Lebanon in the 54th Venice Biennial in June of 2011.

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