Monday, April 25, 2011

Ricardo Paniagua

"Technological Marvel"
72in. x 43in.
Enamel and Lacquer on Canvas 2011

Every time I see Ricardo Paniagua art, I feel that I have just come upon an epic event. Paniagua's work sums up the post war art and then he seems to spin it into a completely contemporary moment of irony and icon. The AB EX + Minimalism + Pop like colors birth these 2001 A Space Odyssey monolith paintings that feel like they will at any moment give off an epiphany to the viewer. Maybe I should touch them next time and see if I get a spark. I respond to the impromptu drips with the highly disciplined minimal lines. This is such a powerful contrast in style and meaning that I feel like I will never fully sort out the paintings. I somehow feel a little cooler in the work's presence. Like the sum of the past 60 years of the coolest and hippest artists helped to collaborate on a body of work. Clearly Paniagua channels the past, but he has a fresh approach to contemporary concerns.


Anonymous said...

Op Art slammed onto minimalist expressionism gives birth to Warhol drag all over again. The sort of majestic cartoon that makes you want to pray to the monolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey--before you scrap Ricardo's edges for bubblegum plaque: would love to see this monster hanging over Paris Hilton's sleazy hotel room bed...xo

r.paniagua.giii said...

Hey Mr. Blogger Bluebeard. This is pretty spot on descript on my latest paintings. One love good to meet you in this way. Peace

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Anonymous said...

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