Sunday, April 24, 2011

Old work Haunts

Sometimes your old work comes back to haunt you. Sometimes in a good way, other times, not so much. This work above is a cubist style drawing I did when I first came to Dallas. I was still working in this romantic style that played in the realm of fun art and not so serious art, but I was trying to be serious and emotionally charged. A collector reminded me of this work and I think it was one of the better works of that style I did, but I also no longer make anyhing like this drawing, so I cringe a bit when I see my old art.
It was like the time a piece of my old work ended up on Craigslist. I had completely forgoten I had made the work, but as I looked at the work further, the story of the work came flooding back to me. The style and skill behind the work was that of a very undergraduate level painter that had split his interest on too many things to have taken the time to be skillful at making the work. However, someone really liked it and bought it from whom ever was selling the work. So, I guess the painting wasn't that bad. I guess it helped that the buyer contacted me to get the back story of the painting.


Painting workshop said...

Great art work! Indeed, at times those old works would come back to decide. Happy Easter!...Daniel

Troy Camplin said...

If your art is appearing on -- and selling on -- Craigslist, that means there's a market for your art. That can't be anything but good :-)