Sunday, March 13, 2011

Turkey Trip

After a great deal of traveling in Turkey this week, I really got to see the old art of Turkey. As most touring groups go, old is the way to go, so if I want to see any new work I will have to come back and plan my own trip. However, this has been a good taste of Turkey. I got to see of Greek ruins at Ephesus, tons of Ottoman Empire palaces and castles, the Blue Mosques, Hagia Sophia, the war college at Istanbul, a great archaeological museum in Izmir, among other nice places. Were ever you go, during the day you will hear the call to prayer. It fills the city with many voices and just for a moment it seems the cities pause, but then quickly return to thier business. The tour group is with teachers from my area and so we also spent some time visiting school and learning the Turkish school system. One thing is for sure, next time I take a trip like this, I really want to take my wife. She really would have enjoyed it. I hope my pictures come out so I can post a few here.

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