Saturday, February 12, 2011


(Untitled) the movie, is a great film about the contemporary art scene. The movie takes at snap shot of a life of a collector, a gallery owner, a few visual artists, and features an atonal musician. The film is just a plan attack on the NY art scene and the actors that play a part in this scene. The film of course exaggerates the extremes to illustrate the point that maybe the art that is being promoted by galleries has no real value, no use, no propose, no craft, no thought, and no connection to life. For some of the 'art' out there, this might be the case, but when I go to shows I find that I see art that is exciting, advancing ideas, and bring to life the human condition. The film excludes this art, because that wasn't the point of the film. I like this film a great deal, but at the same time I really would like to see more films on contemporary art that takes different angles on the scene at large.

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Chad Wooters said...

Thanks for the review.

My favorite art film currently is "Exit Through the Gift Shop". Although it focuses on the urban art movement, it is also a stinging commentary on the Hype Machine.