Friday, February 18, 2011

Subodh Gupta

International Pop art seems to go on an on. India artist, Subodh Gupta, is one of those artists that has been compared to Damien Hurst and Jeff Koons. These artists are international in their appeal and there critics, they also have a lot of localism that affects there content. Hurst is influenced by the Natural Science and History Museum that the British are famous for having a rich tradition in stuffing, collecting, and preserving animals. Koons is highly influenced by the American culture. An American culture that tries to play as if it is low brow and high brow with middle class taste and you end up with a bunch of kitsch. Subodh Gupta is making Pop imagery, but Gupta is also influenced by past images of his own culture. He also is heavy into recycling objects to form Pop imagery. As some transnational scholarship suggest, there is a further homogeneous spreading of style across the globe, and at the same time the regional images and content can't help but anchor the work.

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