Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tomma Abts

Eppe, 2006

In 2006, Tomma Abts won the Turner Prize. This prize often puts controversial artists on the short list in a seemingly gimmicky way to promotion the Tate Modern. Although, some of the artists are less than interesting than others, at least the controversy often sparks conversation about art and artists in a way that I find our own press here in the US doesn't seem to have an interest in pursuing. Likely it is because of our short attention span for anything more meaningful than a sound bite.
Tomma Abts was a good choices for a winner out of the bunch. Her work is time consuming and great care is given to each of her works. Most of the work seem connected to the Op Art of British past, but there is a play with this idea that I think Abts takes it further. A little minimal ground in this piece helps each element stand alone as individual objects. Abts work in general is a kind of a high modern bland, and I am not sure she is always successful with innovation. However, I must remind myself that innovation isn't everything in art and maybe a further investigation of these types of forms is important and valid. I the end, In still have not made up my mind about her work.


Troy Camplin said...

There is something strangely compelling about the piece you posted, anyway. Like I want to be interested in it.

John Walker said...

It's such a peaceful piece of work, the colours and composition, the use of space, just perfect