Sunday, January 02, 2011

Erik Parker

Erik Parker has a focus show at the Fort Worth Modern. I looked at the work, (the great colors, shapes, and ideas) with dumbfounded awe. The lines were sharp and the images were extremely funky. As I looked at the work, I could image that this might have been a good direction to go for my own art about 10 years ago, if I had not changed so much in what I am interested in and what Texas has helped shape me. I don't think I would have stuck to the gross high school style Parker is following. But the sharp edges on such a funky image really creates a contrast that was extremely refreshing. Usually funk is pared with messy painting and this has been so over done. Parker's dropping the messy application of paint has really reshaped my opinion on what this kind of work can accomplish. The colors are highly refreshing too, because the colors range to very graphic design, strait forward colors to extremely loud colors that command attention. I just wish I could have seen the light like Parker did.

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Troy Camplin said...

Needs more monster. And I could have really done without the "global" at the bottom. No Preaching in Art!!!