Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Bot Posts

I an attempt to cut down on the random comment from what clearly is from bots of some sort, I now have people identify themselves. I hope this change will not case away the two people that read this site. Now on to the question at hand.

What is safe art?

Safe art does nothing new or innovative. It often uses well used tropes and is highly marketable to the masses. A good example of safe art is all those 'wonderful abstractions' out there that use brown earthy tones with a few gestures here and a few odd shapes there and on a canvas of standard size and shape. Any art that can go unnoticed for years in a doctor or layer office. Some safe art uses the crutch of whimsy and will depict more illustration type work.

Non-safe art will demand your attention or at least give you some sort of pay off when discovered. Non-safe artists are never concern if the work will sell, but if the work will challenge or engage people.

Safe artists will take a commission without thinking about how the work might fit into their artistic vision. Non-safe artists might take a commission, but will not allow the commission to overshadow their over arching vision. After all, a non-safe artist does not care if the work is rejected from a commission. The work had to be made that way and the artist can not compromise. Other wise she/he is graphic designer. The non-safe artist is able to separate between their graphic art work and the fine work. The safe artist may want to separate the work, but the work is essentially the same.

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Troy Camplin said...

Safe art never generates real feedback