Monday, November 29, 2010

In the Beginning there was Jasper Johns

With the possible origins of the universe on the left and Jasper Johns painting (with that ugly black boarder I left on) on the right, I begin to think, 'wow, yet another artist preceding the scientist.' Roger Penrose describes this kind of shock wave like event at the beginnings of our universe. Johns' work gives that exact same effect. I know your saying, but he was thinking of something else completely when he made these works. But I would say, maybe he was taped into the Universe's origins and your just jealous your science isn't keeping up with the arts. Often times like these we see the scientists slacking off while us artists are making the real break through around here. After all, it took an artist Like Jackson Pollack to show us the way into Chaos Theory, and Edward Munch had the forethought to explore unconscious before any phycologist existed. So I say to scientist, look back to us artists and see what we already know.


Caio Fern said...

this is a very good and brave post .

Troy Camplin said...

"the laws of nature may evolve with time" -- something I said in Diaphysics

Anonymous said...

ومن الواضح ان هناك الكثير لمعرفة ذلك. أعتقد أنك قدمت بعض النقاط الجيدة في ميزات أيضا. الاستمرار في العمل ، عملا عظيما!