Friday, November 12, 2010

Holly Johnson presents Todd Camplin's Language Reconstruction art series

Who: Todd Camplin

What: Showing his Language Reconstruction art series

When: Saturday, November 20 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Where: Holly Johnson Gallery, Dallas, TX

The Why: After reading the philosopher Derrida, I find myself consciously reconstructing poems and novels into mental images. Sometimes I am able to capture those word images in abstract ink drawings. Subconsciously I have always seen words as images, because of my dyslexia. So the conflict between image and text is my passion and my burden. The conflict inspires creation and innovation, so through my personal conflict I have transformed words into transcendent abstractions. The words and letters have become something more than language, and these words transcend their meaning. No longer recognizable metaphors for words, the letters thus return to origins as images.


Caio Fern said...

what a fantastic work .
I really wish to see this series .

Todd Camplin said...

As soon as the show is up I will post some pictures.

Donna Cregg said...

Love this! If you are interested in helping to preserve the arts you should vote for the Mary Brogan Museum in the Pepsi Refresh Project. If they win, they will receive a $250,000 grant to continue their education and communication outreach programs. It's a great cause as the Brogan is North Florida's only art and science museum and is a great asset to the community. Vote at the link below!

Dana said...

I love how you use words to create visual art. The shapes are fantastic, whimsical in color, yet mathematic-like with the use of such bold shapes. I hope to see the entire installation up, and see how it all works together. Join our community and help other artists by giving advice about your creative process, what inspires you, and how it is being an artist. Need inspiration? Most of our forums talk about everything and anything that deals with art. Sell your art globally by using our artist's studio service. Find galleries that want to show your work. Buy art that you enjoy from others!