Monday, October 18, 2010

Tim McFarlane

This is Tim McFarlane's work 'Daydream Drift' from this year. McFarlane has a nice measured color pallet that I am highly attracted to. I also like the shift of cloud like structure from the figure 8's, lines, and drips. The brush strokes seem to be applied with confidence and the image seems to play with enough simple repetitive objects to make a complex image. Check out McFarlane's work at the Bridgette Mayer Gallery. He works in Philadelphia, a place I would like to visit/live in again.


Troy Camplin said...

Do you remember the computer paint programs we used to have as kids? Remember the way you could apply color or erase using a "brush" that applied random circles of color? That's what the top layer looks like.

Ollie said...

pretty cool.
Computer paint program also came to my mind.
It's almost got a fractal quality to it.