Sunday, October 03, 2010

Raychael Stine

Raychael Stine was just finishing her art degree at the University of Texas of Dallas when I was starting my MA in humanities. Stine was already kind of a star from the school. She came out the with a show in Marfa, Texas. She worked with Richard Patterson (an artist in the Sensation Show and part of the Young British Artists). She had a great show at Road Agent Gallery a few years back. She just finished her Master of Fine Arts in Chicago. I think her new work has moved into a more conservative phase that has dropped some of the comic book outlines and fun gestural painting. I am not sure about the new direction, but I know Stine is talented enough to surprise me again.

Update: August 9th 2011, I knew I was right, Stine came back to a more experimental style. I really like how her work shifts from abstract, to collage, to realist work. It is clear she took the tools from her MFA and ran with it in an exciting and new direction. I hope to see another show of her work in Dallas some day.


Troy Camplin said...

How not interesting and unchallenging -- indeed, conservative (in the worst sense of the word).

Glad to see you finding the time to post, though. :-)

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Troy Camplin said...

This painting reminded me of something I read about literary writers coming out of creative writing programs that fits equally well in this case, I think:

I think you'll also find his ideas on Modernism and Postmodernism of interest:

Possum Tracker said...

Troy Camplin: you have a PhD in Humanities from a minor state school whose strength is in technology. You say "I have a Ph.D. in the Humanities from UT-Dallas, a M.A. in English from the Univ. of S. MS, and a B.S. in Recombinant Gene Technology. I am a fiction writer, a poet, and a philosopher -- in any order on any given day."

What a pretentious pile of academic puffery, with the clear marks of a dilettante. So, now you're an art critic too? You pass judgment on one of the most talented young artists Texas has produced in the years, an artist everyone who knows anything about art in Texas thinks kicks ass, based on one painting five years old?

You're an idiot.

Stine just graduated from one of the most rigorous conceptual art programs in the country. Her work is tough, and challenges (nay, beats the shit out of) all of your dated notions of "modern and postmodern", conservative or challenging. She'd freakin eat your lunch - you and your bullshit UTD degree.

Todd Camplin said...

Dear Possum Tracker, thank you for your passionate response. From your post, it is unclear, but you give me the impression that you might think that this is Dr. Camplin’s blog. I am sure Dr. Camplin was just responding to my post and I’m sure he can defend himself. However, in your rush to write a passionate post, I have found some issues you might consider. By calling Dr. Camplin’s degree a ‘bullshit UTD’ degree, you might note that Stine also has a degree from this ‘minor state school.’ Does that mean she also has a ‘bullshit degree?’ If you follow your logic it does. I know the image is old, and I like that painting. However, for those that want to see her new work I did provide a link to her website. Stine seems to be searching for something and I can see she is likely to transition to something else. I sure grad school got her thinking and refining some things, but the grad school work just seems to be less interesting to me than her earlier work. I’m not going to give you any puffery reasons why I think this, I just do. I can love an artist and not be fully invested in all the phases of work they might do.

Possum Tracker said...

gee, someone who actually knows something about art, and can articulate a position. How novel.

Positively about Raychael Stine, no less.

How generous of you to allow that you perceive she is "searching for something." Maybe she will reach you lofty position of profound insight someday. Gee, you and Dr. Brother are so informed! Thank you for gracing the world with your insights about the universe.

Though we are all so unworthy, we shall attempt to atone with obsequious gratitude. Nay, we grovel and mewl with the pleasure of your pronouncements.

Todd Camplin said...

(Ignoring the sarcasm,) I'm glad you see it my way. By the way, thanks for the link, I enjoyed reading the review.

Troy Camplin said...

The question which arises in my mind is: should a Ph.D. in the humanities with a dissertation on aesthetics try to give a rational, dispassionate, scholarly reponse to an irrational, hysterical screed by someone incapable of formulating his own opinions?

Let me just say that, without giving my opinion about the piece, I asked my wife who, if she were buying this work for someone, she would buy it for? Her answer: "A dachshund-lover." Which is about all that needs to be said about the piece as a serious work of art, I'm afraid.

There is no question of her technical talent. But what do we have in this piece? "Surrealism with Dachshunds?" "with arbitrary rat thrown in?" Painting programs, like creative writing programs, either allow a person's brilliance to emerge, or transform brilliance into mediocrity. It has much to do with the artist and their response to the program they are in. Chicago may be helping her technical skills, but it is doing her no good at all conceptually. One can only hope and pray that its influence on her ideas dissipates with time. The last thing we need is yet another artist out there creating surrealist kitsch.