Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My new work is a collaboration with poets and my visual art drawings. I have called out to as many poets as I can and I have gotten a few responses. I hope that this project will connect with ten or twelve poets so I can launch a poetry show in visual form. I have a plan for my next art show next year that includes poetry and visual images. The plan is to take a poem and a recording of the poet's voice and to create an image from those forms. I got this idea for using a poem partly because in the some 19th and even some 20th century exhibitions of visual art there would be a poem displayed with the work from a poet writing about the same subject as the art work was depicting. I am intertwining this tradition into the work of art and then leaving clues to the source material. This will be a continued investigation of the relationship between text and visual art. I hope this dialog between the poetry and the visual work creates an exciting event that gets people excited about both art forms. Like my last show, which showed the beginning of this investigation using poetry, the work will use passages from the poem in the title of the art work, so people will have to hunt for the poem that corresponds with the art work.

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