Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zoe Zander Spiliotis

Gabriel’s Obo - 2009

Zoe Zander Spiliotis is in a group show at LGTripp Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. The gallery seems to be focusing on non-objective art and artists in the Philadelphia area. The gallery has opened this year. The space must have two rooms because the solo exhibitions include two people. I hope Spiliotis' group show spawns a solo show at this gallery, because I think her work is strong enough to stand alone. Her abstractions remind me of a mix between computer aided work, math based designs, and pattern textiles. The drawings are beautiful by their very nature and the paintings are sharp and crisp. I was luck enough to be in a group show at the Mod Shop gallery and I got to babysit two of her works for a month or two. I miss those works.


Troy Camplin said...

Too symmetrical.

Zoe Spiliotis said...

Aw thanks a bunch Todd. The show went great got a couple reviews and I sold some pieces.

It is also a great gallery, I would tell everyone to stop in when they are in Philly.