Saturday, March 20, 2010

Line Drawing Artists

Walter Sipser, Briony Barr, Gena Occhiogrosso, Ju Young Ban, Timothy Nolan, and Devin Powers use lines and drawings. I have been looking at these artists to get inspiration for my new series of work.


Troy Camplin said...

Line drawings? Everybody draws with lines. What about plane drawings?

Todd Camplin said...

Not true, sometimes people draw with mass that gives the illusion of line. Some people don't draw at all, but paint lines. Others use line drawings, but we never see this work because the line drawing was for an object that is fabricated. i just wanted to say I was looking at these artists and want you to take a look too. A kind of introduction to these artists as you will, without any comment.

Troy Camplin said...

technically, nobody draws with a line, because a line has only one dimension, and any actual drawn or painted line has width.