Sunday, February 07, 2010

MFA Show, the day after.

Well the show is done. I had a lot of people ask me questions about the work. I needed to add to the statement that the work was hand drawn. The show had 14 drawing 50in by 38in and 6 digital paintings on aluminum 24in by 24in. I enjoyed seeing all the grad students that came to see the show. Thank you for coming to my show. Plus, it was exciting to see my professors for University of North Texas and a nice surprise from my professors from the University of Texas at Dallas. I enjoyed seeing my artists friends I have meet through the years in Dallas. Thanks to my collectors that came to my show, I was nice to reconnect and talk about how you framed my work. I always like to know where you put the work in your home. Thank you to everyone that came to my show. I know that the Dallas Contemporary and the Dallas Art Fair was the same day, but I really thankful to those that came to my show as well.

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