Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rockwall Art League

Since I live in Rockwall, TX I have been a member of my local art league. I don't have time to show with them, but I do like to support my local art league. Some years they are more ambitious and others. A long time ago the Rockwall Art League did a national show. It was an attempt to get a little more clout. Instead, the show got panned by a critic, willing to come out this far from Dallas proper. But I am glad they tried. In the past they have been showing their members work with Texas Roasters Coffee house, but they recently moved. The group also does shows about twice a year around the Rockwall harbor. Now I hear they have a bank involved in showing their work. I hope this works out for the members, but with a bank as a venue, they could also return to a juried show. One of the best shows to get your work into in my small college town in Kentucky was a bank juried show. But what would be even better would be their own personal exhibition space. Maybe like the Plano cultural center. The arts seem to thrive around a brick and mortar site more than just a loosely defined meeting place.

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