Friday, January 15, 2010

Laura Neaderhouser

Another artist coming out of UNT MFA program is Laura Neaderhouser. Her work is evolving and changing, but at the same time, I see hints of 70's feminist influence as well as Eva Hesse's work. That sort of Post-Minimalist influence is there. She is dipping into the well of art history and pulling out work that enters the viewers space and reengages the past issues while managing to create a line of continuity to contemporary concerns. This piece is seems to be invading our space by poking and prodding at us from the wall. There is a sense of violence or aggressiveness in these pointy or falic objects. These objects are wrapped and waxed, so the view becomes aware of the craft and time spent making these objects. Her new work takes these aggressive objects and counterweights them with delicate knitted yarn structures. These works seem to have a more narrative of push and pull.

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Caio Fernandes said...

i saw this post just now , this is a relly good work .