Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bernardo Cantu

In the Past, I have blogged about Bernardo Cantu. Well, he is now at the end of his MFA and his work need a second look. He now has a website, so now you can see more of what my early blog was talking about. His work has gotten very refined. He has added invented graphics from an imaged civilization. The paintings are like walls of building that have been removed from their places in the city and placed into the context of sacred objects. Wall in a city will build up layers of paint, posters, add on structures and then removals of these same elements. What you are left with is the past being removed and then replaces and then found again all in the same piece. These 'piece of a building' paintings are really about the imagined people that live around and occupy the structure.


Kate said...

Awesome. I absoluely must have an exhibition for you. I'll contact you through your website with more info.

Todd Camplin said...

Feel free to concact the artist. I am just reviewing their work here.