Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Robert Walden

This work is a 16in by 16in titled: ontological road map 020305.3 a latex and ink on panel made in 2005. Robert Walden makes these detail maps that seem to reference the reality of sprawl and population explosion. The images are sublime, minimal, complex, and beautiful. I think the lines could use more variations. The lines have a sameness quality that when you look close, you want more thin and thickness. However, this is a minor criticism to an over all, very interesting work. The cities feel invented, but referencing real cities. The attention to the empty space in relation to the complex cluster of lines is a good balance. I wonder where Walden will take this work forward? I ran across Walden's work while browsing Atlanta galleries. Marcia Wood Gallery caught my eye and Walden is one of their artists.

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