Sunday, December 27, 2009

Need More

So, I have looking at this work for a while and it needs more. I think it need something more on that right bottom corner, I just can't quite make out what I need. The background text is 'row your boat,' the purple is a text from a greeting card, and the blue text is a quote about fame from Oprah. These are the three elements I have been working with of late. A poem, a quote from a personal but mundane source, and a famous quote. I just need one more element to make the work finished.


Caio Fernandes said...

i like a lot of what you're geting here .
a 4th element . uhhhhh.... let me see .... The Bible is always the answer ! hahahh!!
sure , is unetical to say anything about .
but i think this is a great work .

Troy Camplin said...

THe purple is too dominant. Whatever you decide to do, it should overlap the purple to tone it down a bit.

Todd Camplin said...

Thanks, I will thing about your suggestions.