Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mark Williams

I first encountered Mark Williams' work at Barry Whistler gallery in the Deep Elma area of Dallas. (read my old blog about Barry Whistler gallery). William is an artist based out of New York. I like the simple design quality of his work. The use of minimalism and the evidence of the tools used, like the tape removal evidence make the work a little more dynamic than Williams' minimalist predecessors. Sadly, this kind of work is better experienced than shown if photographs. You just can't catch the small and interesting moves of Williams' work does through this photographic representational format. I find this fact with most art. A photograph of an art piece never lives up to the work itself. There is something mystical about being in the present of an art piece. It is like talking about beauty and then experiencing beauty, there will always be a translation language barrier. Williams' work has been consistent in form and fashion with slow moves to variations. This is another aspect that attract me to this artist. Williams attempt to explore a world within a limited parameters with slow and steady trailblazing shows a mature approach to his art making.

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