Monday, December 21, 2009

Atlanta Art

In 2001, I spent a three day intensive gallery crawl that took me all over the city. I saw several art galleries that my 2001 work might fit. But I was told by an artist, when I showed my work to her that my work was to 'edgy' for Atlanta. When I look back at my old work, I could hardly call pastel figures and faces I was making 'edgy,' more like dated. But after I had my fill of Atlanta art scene, I came to the conclusion that Atlanta was an extremely conservative art market. As in all art scenes there were pockets of contemporary happenings, but for the most part I was seeing a sea of not very experimental, innovative, or even much variation of a theme. A bright spot was the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, which had this great wall drawing of cartoony figures and text and there was an installation of a cloud built out of cotton that hung over a imaged landscape. I just browsed online an Atlanta art organization of galleries, and I once again found myself disappointed. TEW's emerging artists had some hopefuls as well as Whitespace, but many of the galleries were conservative in their choice of artists. Maybe I am not looking hard enough or in the right places. After all there is a good photography gallery Jaskson Fine Art. But then, as I was writing this article, I ran across more galleries and galleries Gallery Stokes, Get This! Gallery, and Marcia Wood Gallery. Where were these galleries when I visited in 2001. I suddenly have hope for the Atlanta art scene. Just like Santa Fe, New York City or anywhere else, I guess the majority of galleries will be conservative in nature.

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Caio Fernandes said...

they will be conservative ny nature .... i alaways felt so miserable and desapointed traveling to a place and visiting the local gallerys !
even in the great contemporary art centres i see coward desisions and very conservative . it seems contemporary art scene is just a "province" of the art scene fron feel decades ago . trying to imitate and "inventing " easy ways to excuse the falure and lack of real iniciative . everybody want to be too safe . this is a poison . and with economic crises , this mediocre atitude just get stroger .
i bet atlanta 2001 isn't diferent in nothing of atlanta 2009 .