Monday, October 26, 2009


I have noticed that I have a lot of half read books. Some are second time around half read, but still there are a bookmarks were I stopped reading books a second time or even the first time. Some are novels, art history books, and some are philosophy. So, this got me to think; what does the rest of the text say? Well, I am in grad school, so the likelihood that I am going to read these books any time soon is next to 0%. I already abstract text, what if I abstract text from parts of a books I have not read. It would be imagining the text. So, for example, I have made an outline of a book and then I have cut out that outline. The image is now the size of the book. I then count all the pages that I have read and compared that to the number of pages in the book. I then record the percentage of what I have read on the piece of paper. Then I start drawing what I think the text, I have not read, would look abstracted.

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Todd Camplin said...

Well, that idea bombed during class. I got some ideas to fix it and make it better. I think I can make these little, smartly drawn objects. I just got to rework it a bit. Good thing I am in grad school to get the advice I needed. I am really going to work hard to keep a group together and somehow get some feedback after school is over.