Monday, October 12, 2009

Dallas Arts District

Dallas is maybe a few years from finishing the Arts District. However, the district will still suffer the same fate as Fair Park and that is people will drive in and drive out, but not stick around. Why, because there are no other places to go before or after the event unless your a member of one of the Museums. No one is building a place for night dinning. And most importantly, no one is building an place for commercial art galleries. Santa Fe has the famous street, Canon Street with scores of galleries. Tourist from around the world visit Santa Fe for the art and many buy art from their visit. The city is blowing all this money on all the other arts that generally have a local population interest. But to blow money on an infrastructure that would provide cheap rent to art galleries would attract world travelers to come to Dallas. The commercial art galleries are dropping like flies in Dallas, providing cheap rent could really go a long way for such a low profit business like the art gallery. People that would take something home from Dallas and maybe even a few Dallas art works from Dallas artists would sell. Plus, a space like this would increase the foot traffic on the street. People could go to an art opening after getting out of the Opera. Or how about Dallas support the Dallas Contemporary by providing it a space in the Art District. There is a place for experimental theater, why no a place for experimental visual art.

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Anonymous said...

are so right in every observation, but wasting your time and breath.............. people there are only interested in the building $$$ contracts.... not a effective long term arts district.
glad you said it.