Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Rene Francisco, Florencia Levy, Teresa Rafidi

The UNT Art Gallery in the main art building is featuring three artists: Rene Francisco, Florencia Levy, Teresa Rafidi. The image above is Rene Franciso's 2009 painting Heaven. You must visit the gallery to get the full understanding of this image. The paint is applied in a thick pointillism style and the image must have been plotted out before the paint was added. In this show, Florencia Levy features these highly minimalistic room paintings, but from what I saw at Centraltrak, Levy's work is all over the map with installations, neon, and photography. Teresa Rafidi is showing photographs of interior spaces that feel haunted. All and all a good show to see. The UNT Art Gallery under the guidance of director Tracee W. Robertson and assistant director Victoria Estrada Berg DeCuir has really seen a kind of Renaissance. The shows have really had a good variety and high quality. Plus, the student shows have to follow good guidelines to keep a consistency of professionalism.

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