Sunday, July 19, 2009

Keeper of Cool

I have a friend that emails me some really interesting sites that help inform my work or a just cool tid bits that are welcome added knowledge. One site the Keeper sent me was a children books by Lisa Horstman. The Illustrations are quite nice and unusual in a clay made kind of way. Another good story is Dali and Disney work together and later the work was finished in 2000. Destino is a short film that was shown in theaters as an old style cartoon bumper. In the wish I thought of it first category, here is a Mac Icons Spelling words. On painting a NPR story talks about paint made flesh. Then on the opposite end of the flesh issue, here is an editor/artist following in Richard Prince's footsteps and removing things from photographs on these are porn images that have had the people removed. Thank you Keeper, keep me in the cool.

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