Saturday, June 06, 2009

Two painted print on dibond. Both are from words from a greeting cards. I like my ink on paper better.


Architectse said...

I really like your blog it’s excellent…

Ari said...

The first one has the quality either of something feminine or of a black eyed pea. Or maybe both. :)

Caio Fernandes said...

hi todd ! how are you?
since the first time i came to visit your blog, your work , how can i say ... got me .but i felt very insecure to say something ,because i liked very much the way the central form (dont know if you call spot as painting , or group of lines as drawings ) , well , the central form vibretes inside itself , progecting the light of it to outside .
my doubt was about the relation of this form with the space around. if it is realy a space filed with its onw light , or if it is a nowhere.a no place making the central form levitate free of references.
now i believe that it is a real space . it has a real relantionship with the central form ,changing elements in harmony in a contrucion of a unique image.
lets just say that i like this . it has energy , espiritual energy maybe.
if my english wasn't so limited i would be able to express myself .
and correct if i am so wrong.

thanks for droping by my blog . your presence there is always a honnor for me and give a litle bit of class to that mess .