Sunday, May 03, 2009

José-María Cano

José-María Cano was originally a member of a Spanish band. Cano had a background in art in his youth, but music and the band took hold of him with early success. In his late 30’s Cano’s dropped the band to pursue art. As a successful musician, Cano was an avid art collector and he had started to create a relationship with gallerists and people connected to the art scene in London. His first works were a response to his divorce proceedings. José-María Cano has said that he had early experience with encaustic and he responded to the fact that painting in this style has a history that dates back to the first oil paintings. Encaustic was the first type of oil painting and the works have lasted hundreds of years. Cano was raised around art and he was keenly aware of the roll London plays as an art center. Artists know that cosmopolitans are their audience and collectors, so Cano’s move to London was no accident. His return to art was sparked by his divorce proceeding, his taste for collecting art, and his understanding of art history. He took his early experience with encaustic painting and he recreated some of the memos and paper work he was getting from his now ex-wife’s lawyers. He said he was attracted by the large signatures of the divorce lawyers and the fact that these were the same lawyers of Heather Mills. Seeing the popular culture connections to his own life and his taste of Pop art, Cano began creating paintings using magazine pages, newspapers, and even a Sotheby's page, which he sold at auction. Cano’s work speaks to an English/Spanish and Western audience.

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imoet said...

having worked on a Meccano pop video early in my career [ long hours & for slave wages ] I was amused by the comment aboutt the sigmnatures - it is always possible to make them bigger by using a photocopier