Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Caio Fernandes

I had an artist stop by my blog and I thought I might talk about his work. Caio Fernandes reminds me of the artist Marlene Dumas, who's work I saw at the Menil Collection last week. Both artists are diving into dark themes of self and childhood. Many people have this romantic notion of children as being innocent and kitsch, (possibly because of the Disneyfication of child story telling), but there is a dark side to childhood, like all humans. After all, Grimm's Fairy Tales are dark stories that children respond to and those stories are very grim indeed. Fernandes work seems to deal with the ugly realistic images of the figure that is so ugly that the image becomes beautiful. Some of the work I am unsure of, but I might need more time to look at it. I distrust an automatic love for an artist, and I think some of Fernandes work is the type of work you have to spend time. I like much of the work and I hope to watch this artist grow over the next few years.


Ari said...

I can testify to this: I work with 5th graders daily, and anything involving death or near-death is instantly interesting.

Caio Fernandes said...

Todd, thank you for at least have started to believe (or to doubt) my work.
YES take your time ,i dont produce fast food or tv shows . i dont live of sale of it .i believe that the good art makes you get used about it with the time .it hapened with my best musik albuns and books...why not painting?
about child thing , i see life as a whole package.maybe i am imature ... but your right , my childhood happened at beutiful places but was extremly sad and paranoic, i think it just appers on the paintings naturaly.
if you have any thing about my work you would like to ask or talk contact me at meinwelt22@hotmail.com