Saturday, March 28, 2009


October is a journal published out of MIT. Its a great journal about art, theory, criticism, and politics. I first ran across the journal through a collection of essays from the publication. I was at this strange little book store/coffee house in the somewhere in the northeast where I picked up this book titled Bachelors. The book was essays about women artists. I had just finished a women studies class a year back and feminist theory and art was fresh in my mind. I remember the articles were my first real introduction to Post Modernism. For a long time I searched for the journal, but I finally just look up the journal on the Internet and I ordered the journal about a year and a half ago. I really enjoy the in depth coverage the journal takes on an artist and the journal has a tendency to publish issues based on themes. One issue was about early video artists that displayed there work through television. The journal has very few ads compared to a magazine like Artforum and not gossipy like ArtNews. Not with standing, I get those magazine too.

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