Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Members of the Search Committee

It is my objective to secure a full time, tenure track, teaching position in the visual arts.
This May 2010 I am graduating from the University of North Texas, College of Visual Arts and Design with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing. I have been educated in drawing and painting freehand and with the computer. In May of 2006, I received a MA in Arts and Humanities with special focus on aesthetic studies. In December of 1998, I received a BFA in Graphic Design with a philosophy minor. Philosophy and theory have been the driving force behind my work.

With this letter of intent I submit my application for assistant professor position you have listed in the current HigherEdJobs.com Career Bulletin. I have become aware of the great prominence of your College of Fine Arts and I have researched the wide range of visual arts programs you provide. I am convinced that I can make a positive contribution to the mission of your art department. Enclosed are my application, CV, Artist's statement, statement of teaching philosophy, and portfolio of slide images of current artistic production. I have included a CD portfolio of 20 of my current artistic production. I have also included a slide portfolio work done by students in my classes, while I was a graduate teaching fellow at University of North Texas.
As a student, I worked under several professors who were devoted teachers and practicing professionals in their field. Because of their influence, my philosophical conclusion is that I am destine to teach/mentor students in the field of the visual arts. In addition I have an insatiable appetite to create more drawings, paintings, digital work, and installation art. Plus I am continuing my exhibitions of the work along with seeking publications and grants. I understand the expectations of a professor of the arts and I am prepared to meet every requirement. Please find a list of my references with my CV.

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