Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lazy Art

Thank goodness I live in the age of lazy art. I live in the age of an 'artist' like Martin Creed. A world were having volunteers run up and down a museum space is conceptually strong. Not with standing, it would be fun to run up and down Museum hallways, but having permission by the Museum to run in the halls kind of takes the fun out of it. Notes on: Work No. 850. Ah, but there is more. Work No. 928: A stack of four different tables, stacked from largest on the bottom to smallest on top, AMAZING!
Now, I am not saying all Creeds work are completely lazy. Many works are fun, like the room of balloons or like the floor covered with multi-colored tape. But, an 8 and a half by 11 piece of paper rolled up into a ball and sold as a sculpture is not fun, just lazy.


TonyN said...

…and people wonder why "my five year old kid could do better than this crap" is a common sentiment.

(As a bonus, his website is equally "clever" and lazy. The entry point image is a wardrobe: "enter through the wardrobe." I'm confident it will be a rabbit-hole when he redesigns his site.)

Todd Camplin said...

The British Tate Art establishment has crowned this artist and others like him as examples of great artists. But, just like the Salon exhibitions at the Louvre that refused Impressionist artists to show their work. I hope history can repeat itself at the Tate.

I don't know if Stuckism is the answer, but you never know.