Monday, February 09, 2009

Jim Moser

I say this artist, Jim Moser, at the Dallas Art Fair. This is a nice oil on canvas, when I first say it from afar, I thought it was a cyanotype but it was a painting. I like the gesture, I like the ghostly feeling of being there and not there. The art fair was not bad. This was an art fair for galleries and not the tent in a field kind of art fair. It was held in the Fashion Industry Gallery, located next to the Dallas Museum of Art. The fair was a little crowded and the layout was a little haphazard, but I really enjoyed to fair. A lot of secondary market art, (dead artists + living expensive artists), but there were a few up and coming artists (not a lot thought). 30 dealers in one space and from 12 locations across the US, not bad for an up and coming art market like Dallas, TX. I hope next year is bigger and in a better location.

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