Saturday, February 21, 2009

Deviant Art

So, I have been recently getting overwhelmed by all of the social networks that keep popping up. I think, maybe I need to trim a few from my life to make my life less complicated. Well, the best way to do that is talk about the pros and cons of each of my accounts. Let us start with Deviant Art, I have been with them for a long time. The gallery space is easy to use and the pictures look good for the web, the site has a way to sell prints of my work, and I like meeting other so many artists. I hate the fact that I can't seem to delete comments, I think much of the art promoted is very 'street animation' based work and lacks in a serious professional gallery artist feel, or I feel that the site is more suited for illustrators and commercial photographers. Plus traffic is nonexistent, unless you spend a huge amount of time visiting and commenting on other people's pages. It is low maintenance, but I am not sure that the site presents an image that I want to project.

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