Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dallas Art Fair

If done right, Art Fairs can be a profit making event. I hope the Dallas Art Fair made enough to return next year. The fair had several high end sponsors and the show was promoted as part of the cultural event in the Art District of Dallas. Like most art fairs, this fair had an entry fee, which is a way the fair can make a profit, but at the same time, make the event an exclusive for cosmopolitans. The art fair also had a Preview Gala that increase the feeling of exclusivity by the ticket holders. I wish I could have afford that ticket, because the show was really crowded. There were also tickets sold for the symposiums hosted by the Dallas art community.

My family and I had a lot of fun worming through the halls of the Fashion Industry Gallery. Though, most of the galleries had mainly secondary market work, there were a few up and coming artists. I ran into an art professor, an art installer, and an art gallery owner that are acquaintances of mine. I made me feel that I am starting to really get to know some people in the Dallas art scene. Its funny, because I am starting to see a multi-teared hierarchy in the art world. Really, the visual art world doesn't have one head that dictates tastes to the masses, but there are sort of local heads, that feed into other local heads. These heads are fluid in people and titles. Critics used to be heads of tastes and now collectors and advisers to collectors seem to be driving tastes. Taste in art is also derived by museum directors and gallery owners. But, sometimes taste in art is driven by the sure will of an artist or group of artists.

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