Saturday, January 03, 2009

Very Scary

Title: ". . . very scary . . ."
ink on paper
So, I thought I might cover the paper with the same phrase over and over again. I took this phrase from an inside joke some of my college friends and I had after the Worst Party of my college years. Although the party was bad, the aftermath was highly entertaining. I am sure all involved would like for me to keep the joke, inside. So, I will. Those parties had some great quotes, so upon reflection, I will have to mine that source again.

Update: In 2009, I won "Best in Show" for a juried show at UNT Union Gallery with this piece.
Also that year, it was in the CADD Lab group show of MFA students.
In 2012, the piece is in a show at a Waco gallery.

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Troy Camplin said...

Looks like the rock striations one would see in a canyon.