Monday, January 19, 2009

Arthur James Beaumont

Gloucester Men
picture from: David & Donna Kmetz, American Paintings

I am currently doing some scholarly work on the painter Arthur James Beaumont. My plan is to gather as much book references, list of connected material from organizations he belong to, and I plan to catalog as many works as I can from a list of collectors I have been compiling.

Arthur James Beaumont (born in Yorkshire, England 1879 and in April 1956 he died in Staten Island, New York). Beaumont studied under self-trained as a painter Julius Olsson and a French academic painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau at Academie Julian. I found that Beaumont's early influence of Olsson was the most influential in his style, but I can see that he pick up a sense of refinement from Bouguereau. In the exhibition catalog, James C. Kelly author of The South on Paper, Line, Color and Light writes, ‘the soft, hazy light of (United States) South was especially conducive to the Impressionist style' of Arthur James Beaumont. 'The Beaumont watercolors demonstrate dabs of color laid down side by side . . . (he) did not dissolve his forms to the extent we see in Claude Monet’s Rouen Cathedral series.' I too would have to categorize his work as being in the style of Impressionistic. 'He traveled a good deal to art colonies on both sides of the Atlantic, at least until 1940, but after 1915 he was a permanent resident of Staten Island.'


Anonymous said...

Were you aware that Arthur Beaumont is Marie Davis' uncle?

Todd Camplin said...

Yes, according to she is, plus other family records.

Anonymous said...

Hello I am looking to acquire paintings by this artist.
Are you aware of a gallery that sells his work?
many thanks

Todd Camplin said...

The vast majority of his work is in private hands. Sometimes auctions have one or two emerge to the public, but I have had a hard time finding a gallery that deals in his work. If I run across one, I will post it here.