Friday, January 16, 2009

Adventures in Minimalism

I ran across this page about minimalism. The current post are prints on the sea, but the blog is about minimalist film, music, literature, poetry, architecture, and art. Dirt :: A Journal of Minimalism is another blog that has self proclaimed minimalist poetry. If you want more info on minimalism go to
Some visual artists that are minimalist: Agnes Martin, Barnett Newman, Ad Reinhardt, Anne Truitt, Ellsworth Kelly, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, Jo Baer, Carl Andre, Frank Stella, Robert Mangold, and Richard Serra.

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Troy Camplin said...

If the minimalist poetry blog is a true representation of the art, then I am beyond less than impressed. Mostly word salad, as far as I can tell. And if we take Rothko's mission statement as that of minimalism as a whole, to provide a simple contemplative space as a refuge from the increasing complexity of life, then certainly none of those works are minimalist -- though the Japanese perfected it centuries ago with haiku. Haiku is true minimalism. Most of what I saw on that poetry site is garbage masquerading as "poetry."