Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bruce Pearson

Bruce Pearson is yet another artist that abstracts text into images. I think there is a movement here. We all need to go out for coffee or something together. Anyways, Pearson uses styrofoam that he cuts with a hot wire. Then he applies paint on top of this relief image and yes, there is text here. I am told that if you see his work in the gallery setting, the images are more readable. Like many new text artists, Pearson uses words he reads or hears from Pop culture. Like he uses text from newspapers or an Oprah Winfrey Show. His colors have been compared to the psychedelic 60's but he often will look at other artists pallets and use those colors to inspire him to create his paintings.


Troy Camplin said...

Interesting. I would have stuck with the orange and blue, myself, as the green in the center is distracting.

Philip said...

I agree with Troy. Too busy for me.

I don't think you should meet with other text artists for coffee. Just send each other your autographs!

Troy Camplin said...

Ah! Now there's a clever idea!