Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono gave a talk/showed a video of her early life in Japan and San Francisco at the CAA (College Arts Association) conference this spring. She is 75 and she gave out these broken pieces of a large vase and she told us to look her up in 10 years to put the vase back together. The breaking of the vase was an iconoclastic action (not surprising, because many of the Fluxus artists were working as iconoclasts), but if a percentage saves their piece and looks her up to reassemble the work, she might build a community out of the shared taking of destruction. I hope she lives to her hundreds, and if she is around in 2018, I will look her up and I give her the piece of vase. In June, Ono had some work in NYC at Galerie Lelong that referenced an early performance piece she had done about cutting clothes off of her body. The show was titled 'touch me.' Since Ono is such an experimental artist, sometimes I really like her work and other times I hate the work. The works I hate either morph into pieces I like or at least I am left with the fact that I respect the hell out of her for putting herself out there with no apologies.


Philip said...

I agree about Yoko Ono - awful and brilliant quite often.

Anna P. said...

I saw some of her work in "Making a Home: Japanese Contemporary Artists in New York" at Japan Society,(NYC)in the fall of last year. They reproduced her A Hole to See the Sky Through 1961/1971. The card sits on my window reminding me to look out. I put that one in the brilliant category