Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Past

So, I took grad review and I passed. After the professors looked at the work there was a long Q & A, then they kicked me out of the class. They talked for what seemed forever, but they came out unanimous that I had passed. So, now it is time to work towards my MFA show.

Today, I also learned how to describe the my work better. My work is about universal language, a higher language, a language the seeks the truth or the heart of language. My work uses language to say the unsay-able, to mark out the readable word, to form this higher language or higher experience from language. I use throw-away text, like text from greeting cards, because the work is not about the specific message that the text in the card is conveying, but the message language in general tries to convey. That is why the work feels stripped of emotions. I am trying to reach the sublime empty center of the concept of Language.


Troy Camplin said...

"My work uses language to say the unsay-able". DOesn't that just make you a poet? If all art says the unsayable, doesn't that really mean that you convinced your committee that the works you make are art? :-)

Philip said...

The places I see signatures most is in the vandalism style of graffiti. I have become really interested in this recently - in the marks, gestures and signatures. I wonder if you had given this any particular thought?

Philip said...


Congratulations by the way?

TonyN said...

Congrats, sir!

Todd Camplin said...

Thank you everyone

Archita Singh said...

That's very intricate!
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