Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Jennifer Leigh Jones

Title: Challenger, Mix Media on board from her series Nostalgia
Jennifer Leigh Jones' works destroy the old adage that art that is personal is not universal. Her minimal landscapes draw attention to the few objects she has rendered. These objects do have a personal meaning, but her memories fall into our culturally collective memories. The viewer will draw out their own narratives in these works and I think most viewer will be drawn to the works through the colors, images, and texture. I really feel that her images happen in the mind like memory. Notice that objects fade in and out of being fully rendered realistic objects. This faded image works just like memory in that the information we store in the brain is not an exact copy of the information, but an estimation of that information. The images also work on the level of dreams. Dreams are memories reorganized into a new composition. Jennifer Leigh Jones is a grad her at UNT.


Troy Camplin said...

Nice work. Surrealistic, but new.

Todd Camplin said...

I didn't want to right out and say Surrealism, but your right, the work does reference those artists, but she is taking those ideas and moving into a new world. I think it helps that like all of us, she is more removed from Sigmund Freud.