Friday, October 31, 2008

Art and Politics: McCain

The McCain button is a little bland. The star and yellow lines are a nice split between the names. The text is generally the same. Fat large letters seem to be a stable element. The design is more declarative of the candidates rather than inspiring someone to vote for them. I think an underdog like McCain would want a design that called people to action. Of course, with the major candidates it seems that the images are often limited to red, white, and blue pallet.


TonyN said...

Nice analysis of the campaign designs. It was certainly fresh air to hear a non-political perspective on political things.

You are correct that they mostly stick to red, white and blue, but don't forget that McCain briefly (very, very briefly) used a green background for his speeches. Unfortunately, for the McCain campaign, they learned what any video professional could have told them: that color was perfect for a chroma key. Colbert even had a McCain green-screen contest. Oops!

Yep, stick to red, white and blue…

Todd Camplin said...

I must be influenced by NPR, because they tend to slide in a story or two that in about something like politics and at the same time be non-political. They are cool like that.