Friday, October 31, 2008

Art and Politics: Barr

This is the most interesting button in the Barr collection. Bob Barr is running for the Libertarian Party. The line designs bring a nice attention to the words in the middle, although I think that the lines are a throw back to something like 70's British Op art. Once again, all caps, notice a trend. The Barr 08 words do something very different from the other buttons and that is that nice outline. Its right on the edge of campy, but I think it works. I like how the bottom text fits nicely under the "arr '08" part with the "B" being larger. It makes you think that the designer thought about how he/she was going to make the text fit the design.

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TonyN said...

Hey, this is a lot of fun. I'm glad to see you have continued with the third-party candidates.

One other thought from a TV-guy's perspective about the Barr design: tight lines are murder on video. Not just moving video, either, those tight lines start start to squirm and dance depending on computer screen resolution, too. It's called the moiré effect.