Monday, September 08, 2008

Tom Orr

I have found someone else that uses dibond, the material I use to make some of my images. Tom Orr is an artist in Dallas and during my may class I got to meet him and his wife, Frances Bagley an important artist as well. The shared a HUGE space to create work. It was a dream space for an artist to create work. It is not often I get to see artist's studio spaces and usually those spaces are small, but these two had a warehouse size studio space. Unlike my studio, it was nice and clean too. Some of the space was reserved for exhibition space, but most was production space. Orr often creates art for public spaces or private outside spaces. The pictures above shows one of his sculptures. I find Orr's work sometimes painful to look, because of the affect that his work has on the eye. You might see him as an Op artists or an artists that uses Optical illusions to create an aesthetic experience. His reference to nature here, a waterfall, helps that the illusion out of the pure conceptual trickery into a more representational heart felt piece. Besides, it is fun to walk back it and mess with your eyes.

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Mary said...

Very cool and an excellent commentary.