Friday, September 26, 2008

James Pearson

I just stumbled across James Pearson site while I was crawling the web for some other former Bowling Green artists. Pearson and I have been part of the Gallery 916 (in Bowling Green) from the beginning, nearly eight years now. His work greatly influenced my early figurative work. His art has always reminds me of Paul Klee's art. Pearson seems to take the uses of squares a bit further than Klee imaged by creating thick painted surfaces and Pearson's marks come more freely than Klee's. Pearson, of course, had the benefit of creating art after Jackson Pollock. Pearson has learned the balance of a Klee square and a Pollock freedom of mark making. His work then starts to depart from these artists into a style uniquely Pearson. Pearson has had large exposure of his work through a painting of his featured on the cover of Blick Studio catalog in 2005. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Check out his blog too.

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